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Bill Gates says that his competitive advantage was practicing coding ALL of the time. Get your Gates on!

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Inspired by Uber’s “Code on the Road.”

Have you seen Uber’s Code on the Road? It’s an in-app app (mouthful) with a series of coding puzzles that helps the Uber team find top programmer talent. Each puzzle has 1 minute to answer, and if answered properly, the user goes to the next puzzle. Getting all answers correct sends the user to a landing page and call to action form that gives the user an opportunity to work for Uber.

We’ve developed a similar app, with puzzles and scenarios for all different types of companies (AirBNB, Lyft, Chase, FaceBook, etc.), with real world coding puzzles that a developer working for one of the companies might face.

The purpose of the app for developers is:

  • Help developers get better at coding by practicing in their spare/downtime on their mobile phone
  • Show off their skills on the leaderboards
  • Battle friends with head to head
  • Obtain high paying positions with their dream companies

The purpose for companies is:

  • Find top engineering talent
  • Train them with real company coding scenarios.

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